Handbook and Forms

Handbook and Forms

Please download the most recent ARIES Handbook here – currently being updated, please check back soon


Student/Staff Expenses –

Expense claims made against all ARIES budgets (including RTSG and XMU budgets held by your Institution) are subject to this ARIES Guidance For Expenses as to how much is considered ‘reasonable’ to claim for various categories.

All claim forms must be:

  • completed electronically
  • accompanied by all relevant receipts and tickets
  • signed
  • emailed as a single pdf document to aries.dtp@uea.ac.uk

UEA-registered staff and PGRs should first contact ARIES at aries.dtp@uea.ac.uk to request the correct chargecode, and then claim via UERP

Everyone else should use this form

Requests for Financial Assistance

ARIES recognises that not all costs can be accurately predicted in advance, and that some research costs are subject to fluctuations.  ARIES-funded PGRs may apply to the DTP for further research or training funding over and above their RTSG or XMU funds. Please note that you must be up-to-date with your mandatory cohort training and TNA reporting to be eligible for DTP funds.

ARIES Financial Assistance Form 2022

Please complete and submit the form to aries.dtp@uea.ac.uk; all requests will be considered as part of the bimonthly Executive Team meeting.