Environmental Enterprise Engagement and Innovation

Environmental Enterprise Engagement and Innovation


Environmental Enterprise, Engagement and Innovation

The E3I (Environmental Enterprise, Engagement and Innovation) is a DTP-funded student innovation club, which promotes and funds activities related to the broad definition of “innovation”, including activities related to public outreach/engagement activities, innovation-related training, seminars, and competitive awards for individuals to attend meetings or participate in enterprise activities. All ARIES students, whether directly funded or associated can get involved and help define how this funding is used.

What is the club for?

The E3i club exists to enhance the link between academic institutions, industry leaders, policy makers, and the wider public. To do this we provide training experience and skills development opportunities.

What sort of things does the club do?

We are involved in local science festivals, impact and outreach events. For example the club was recently involved in a panel debate on Science, Society and Our Planet at the Norwich Science Festival

In addition, the club exists to provide the training that you want! Some examples of the training that we have provided in the past are:

  • ThinkBig Innovation with Hethel Innovation
  • Infographics and animations skills using Adobe Creative Cloud, Illustrator and After Effects; and Affinity Designer
  • Using Raspberry Pi’s to create apps and integrate environmental sensors
  • ‘Innovation Days’ at new and existing DTP partner organisations
  • Professional Video editing
  • Weather Presenting
  • Innovation Seminar Series
  • Infohackit
  • Media interview training with BBC journalist trainers
  • Creating board games for science communication (#LetsPlayScience)

The club is also able to purchase equipment for use by DTP students. We currently have GoPros, Advanced Cameras, and hi Spec laptops that can be borrowed.