Working with Partners

Working with Partners

Collaborative working

Collaborative working is a great way to bring together an impactful studentship for ARIES.

Many larger organisations will have internal processes whereby they select specific projects or studentships they want to support, particularly when considering higher levels of investment such as part funding a studentship.  Often this thinking can start to happen in early in the financial year (April) so it is clear where they are going to prioritise their investment across different DTPs. It’s important, therefor,  to start talking to people as soon as you can.

There are different ways to work with partners through ARIES depending on the type of project, importance of the topic to the partner, and the level of investment partners are able to put in.

Ways to work with partners

Co-funding a project:  This is an investment of up to 50% of the total project cost (~£45K).  This has advantages for the supervisor:

– You can nominate two candidates for interview by the DTP
– So long as one of your candidates is in the top 2/3 of the ranking (among the top ~30 students interviewed) your project is guaranteed funding

CASE support:  This is a financial commitment of at least £3.5K (which is added to the RTSG for the project) plus the commitment to hosting the student on a placement (including any T&S and research costs while the student is there).  It’s a good way of building on a newly established relationship with a partner.

In-kind (collaborative) support: This is a good way to start working with partners, or involving charities and other organisations that might find it difficult to commit financial support to a project.

It is also possible to build a ‘CASE project’ using multiple partners, for example if you have two collaborative organisations and one can offer finance and another can offer the placement, these in combination would be considered a CASE

Please consider the list of current ARIES partners and if you have a project idea that you think could help them achieve their objectives send the ARIES team a quick email outlining:

– Provisional project title
– Potential partner organisation
– Which of the partner’s objectives / challenges you think it will help address
– One paragraph project outline