Welcome from the Director

I am delighted to welcome you to the NERC ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). ARIES is a vibrant group of postgraduate researchers (PGRs) working on diverse research in the Environmental Sciences. ARIES is also a community; one that you will find to be supportive, sociable and encouraging.

Recent months of local and global upheaval have demonstrated the importance and need for well-trained researchers in Environmental Sciences.  To address that need research within ARIES is focussed around five themes, but most projects are multidisciplinary and cut across more than one theme to address a wide range of global challenges. 

With a focus on the demands that will be placed on 21st Century Environmental Scientists, ARIES training is embedded within your PhD, delivering focussed and relevant training at the appropriate time during your studies. As an ARIES researcher you will have access to facilities and colleagues across 5 universities and 9 research centres. This will help you not only complete your research degree but prepare for your career beyond that.

We regularly bring all PGRs together for training events, building a network of peers who support each other through the PhD and beyond. You’ll also have opportunities to network with PGRs from other DTPs (e.g. enviroSPRINT), and with researchers and policy-makers from amongst our almost 40 business, government, and NGO partners. We even provide funds for ARIES PGRs to develop and deliver their own training, with examples including presenting at London Science Museum public “Lates” and our Python users group.

ARIES aims to support and inspire the development of the next generation of researchers and leaders capable of tackling important problems associated with understanding, protecting and living sustainably with the natural environment. 

Kevin Hiscock

Director, ARIES DTP