About Us

About Us

Welcome to ARIES

The ARIES (“Advanced Research and Innovation in the Environmental Sciences”) DTP was launched in 2018 with funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). It draws together expertise from five universities and nine research centres, as well as over forty other research-users. Our partnership has a mission to train postgraduate research students (PGRs) with excellent potential from across society, equipping them with the necessary skills to become 21st Century Scientists: leaders in the science and sustainable business of the natural environment.

ARIES will offer a minimum of 75 fully funded PhD studentships over five student cohorts, the first of which will begin their studies in October 2019.

ARIES Research Themes

ARIES  is  built  upon  scientific  excellence  within  five  overlapping  research  themes:

1)  Ecology  and  Biodiversity;

2) Marine,  Atmospheric  and  Climate  Science;

3) Geosciences,  Resources  and  Environmental  Risk;

4) Environmental  Genomics  and  Microbiology;  and

5) Agri-environments  and  Water.

The five areas are structured to meet priorities arising from every terrestrial, marine, atmospheric and freshwater environment on planet Earth. They are broad subject/ecosystem-focussed research areas (1-3), evolutionary and microbial driving forces behind life and earth processes with core ‘omics technologies (4), and environmental science underpinning the supply of clean, safe and plentiful food, water and biomass (5). The Themes organise the ARIES Partnership into research areas where we combine scientific strength to meet the current, emerging and future major challenges across NERC  science,  both  within  the  UK  and  beyond.

Each theme is led by experienced Theme Leaders drawn from ARIES Universities and representative research users from across the partnership. Theme leaders work with our collaborative partners to identify Priority Topics for training and research.