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Study With Us

Research Excellence

The ARIES DTP combines world-class research, innovation and impact from five Universities, nine major Research Institutes, and thirty-nine Collaborative Partners from across the environmental sector into an outstanding PhD training partnership with the core aim of training scientists for the 21st Century, who will become leaders in the science and sustainable business of the natural environment.

We have rationalised the vast scope of ARIES research into five broad themes:

1. Ecology & Biodiversity
2. Marine, Atmospheric & Climate Science
3. Geosciences, Resources & Environmental Risk
4. Environmental Genomics & Microbiology
5. Agri-Environments & Water

ARIES’ non-academic partners are uniquely placed to give strong input into the ARIES research agenda, identifying our priority research topics at an annual conference and meetings. This helps to ensure that ARIES research is as impactful as possible, and meets the needs not only of the scientific community, but also those of business, policy makers, civil society, and charitable organisations.


Formal applications for ARIES studentships should be made to the university of registration. Applications open in October for PhD studentships beginning the following October.

Applicants should check their eligibility for a UKRI studentship before applying, but if there is any uncertainty, enquiries can be made at any of the ARIES universities, or with the ARIES administrators (

Applicants may apply for up to three ARIES studentship projects each year. ARIES strongly recommends that applicants contact the lead supervisor on any studentship project(s) of interest before submitting an application, to discuss the project and your application in detail.

ARIES is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

It is likely that several documents will be needed before an application can be submitted, so don’t leave your application until the last moment.

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What happens after you submit your application?

Supervisors are encouraged to contact candidates for their project after the application deadline to discuss their application. Supervisors will then nominate one candidate for interview by the ARIES panels. You will be contacted with the initial outcome of your application as soon as possible after the deadline.

ARIES’ interview days will take place virtually in February each year.

The ARIES Studentship Panel will meet shortly after the interviews to consider the reports from the interview panels and to make the final selections of candidates for studentships; candidates will be informed of the final outcome of their application and interview as soon as possible.

The deadline for accepting an ARIES studentship in will be midday on the third Wednesday of March, in accordance with the agreed universal acceptance deadline across NERC DTPs and CDTs.


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