Work With Us

Work With Us

Work with us and become a part of cutting-edge postgraduate research in environmental science

We are seeking to renew, strengthen, and expand our present Partnership, and would be delighted to hear from potential partners in the public, private and charity sectors.

Our Partnership includes businesses, industries, policy-makers and third sector organisations. Partners benefit in a number of ways from working with ARIES, for example we:

Provide opportunities to co-develop PhD projects with us. This can be on a co-supervisory basis at no cost other than your staff time, or it could be a CASE Award funded by NERC which requires a minimum £1,000 pa contribution from the partner towards research costs. Benefit: recruit a PhD student to conduct research of relevance to your sector, with the student spending 3 – 18 months seconded to your organisation.

Offer your staff the chance to become “Independent Research Impact Advisors” to an ARIES postgraduate researcher. The Advisor need not be a scientist, but could be from innovation or policy units, from planning, or from HR. Benefits: chance for direct collaboration with our PhD students and their research teams; valuable experience for your staff

Fund training and knowledge exchange activities (e.g. research and careers workshops). We have a rolling call whereby we fully fund training activities, and partnership sandpit events. NERC and Innovate UK also fund other schemes including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. Benefits: potential recruitment mechanism, staff development and networking opportunities.

Offer grants of up to 50% towards PhD projects of your choosing; devised in collaboration with our University partners. ARIES typically awards around £86k for a 3.5-year studentship, with the partner contributing 50% of this cost. Benefit: you define the PhD project in conjunction with University researchers, addressing a topic of importance to your sector.

Provide opportunities for your staff to participate in postgraduate level training; e.g. infographics training, use of satellite remote sensing, etc., typically at no cost, or on a cost-recovery basis. Benefit: tuition and networking opportunities for your early career staff at advanced research institutes.

Participate in innovation events such as envEXPO. envEXPO 2017, for example, had more than 220 attendees, including more than 34 business, policy and third sector organisations. envEXPO has to date been largely funded by NERC. Benefit: networking opportunities with advanced research organisations and other businesses and policy makers.

Opportunity for your staff to study part-time for a PhD degree with one of the host universities, including PhD by publication. Costs vary by type of PhD, and in some cases your staff might even be eligible for full funding from the DTP. Benefit: advanced qualifications for your staff.

If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email, or if you prefer please browse our Research Themes and contact our Theme Leaders directly.