Beth Siddle

Beth Siddle



  • MSci Natural Sciences specialising in Physics – 1st class hons. University of York.  Dissertation title: Low temperature plasma induced CO2 conversion for green value-added chemical delivery and energy storage.
  • Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry laboratory, University of York
  • Work on analysis of local air pollution including NOx and CO2.
  • Fieldwork collecting vehicle emissions samples at the University of York.
  • Calibration of greenhouse gas analysers measuring CH4 and CO2.

Research Interests

  • Understanding how the earth is changing with climate change.
  • Quantification of anthropogenic emissions and how we can act to reduce/eliminate these.

Beth Siddle

Marine, Atmospheric and Climate Science

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: Observing ocean-atmosphere interaction from the poles to the tropics with an AutoNaut autonomous surface vehicle.

This project will use an autonomous surface vehicle (AutoNaut) to make measurements of fluxes between ocean and atmosphere, focussing in the tropical Atlantic and the Antarctic. The fluxes will then be used to quantify biases in coupled forecasting/climate models. Also, we will derive upper ocean heat budgets in the poles and tropics, combining AutoNaut and research ship measurements.


  • Group poster at the National Natural Sciences Student Conference 2017, Exeter
  • Presented dissertation at the National Natural Sciences Student Conference 2019, Birmingham

Awards and Prizes

York Award


Other Information

Qualified assistant leader for rainbows (Girlguiding UK)