Yuanxu Dong

Yuanxu Dong


Research Interests

  1. Air-sea CO2 flux and the role of ocean in the uptake of this greenhouse gas
  2. Parameterization of the air-sea gas transfer velocity

Academic qualifications

  1. Undergraduate – Ocean University of China, Marine Science, 2012-2016.  Undergraduate dissertation title: Preliminary study of the air-sea gas transfer velocity (Excellent Dissertation).
  2. Postgraduate – Ocean University of China, Physical Oceanography, 2016-2019.  Master’s thesis title: Parameterization and measurements of the air-sea carbon dioxide flux using eddy covariance method.

Work experience

  1. I participated in the project Global Change and Air-Sea Interaction of the Pacific Ocean and was responsible for collecting data from the eddy correlation system.
  2. I am involved in the project of Air-Sea Mass and Energy Flux Observations and am in charge of maintaining the observing equipment and analysing the flux measurements.

Yuanxu Dong

Marine, Atmospheric and Climate Science

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: Processes affecting gas transfer velocity along latitudinal gradients and the impact on global CO2 air-sea flux estimates

The global ocean is a major sink for anthropogenic CO2. This uptake slows down the rate of climate change, notably global warming. However, uncertainty in the gas transfer velocity contributes about 20% uncertainty to estimates of the global net ocean CO2 uptake. Consequently, a key point in estimates of ocean carbon uptake is to develop an accurate gas exchange model and to reduce the uncertainty in the gas transfer velocity.

My plans:
1. Process the ship-based CO2 flux data, calculate the gas transfer velocity.
2. Investigate how different processes affect the gas transfer velocity along latitudinal gradients.
3. Explore the influence of spatial variation in the gas transfer velocity on global CO2 air-sea flux estimates.


    1. Zhao, D. L., Jia, N., Dong, Y. X. (2018), Relationship between Turbulent energy dissipation and gas transfer through the air-sea interface, Tellus B: Chem. and Phys. Meteor., 70(1), 1-11.

    2. Dong, Y. X., Zhao, D. L. and Z. S. Zou (2017), A preliminary study on sea-air gas transfer velocity and global ocean CO2 flux, Periodical of Ocean University of China, 47(12), 1-8.


  • 1. ACCME 3rd Workshop on Ocean Surface Waves and Wave-Coupled Processes, Hangzhou, China, October 2018.
  • 2. Annual Conference of the Oceanology and Limnology Association, Linyi, China, August 2017

Awards and Prizes

  • National Scholarship (20000 CNY)
  • Academic Scholarship (10000 CNY)
  • Excellent Graduate Student
  • Excellent Graduate Student of Shandong Province

Other Information

Participated in two multidisciplinary research cruises

Researchgate: Yuanxu Dong