Sophie Wilkinson

Sophie Wilkinson


I studied for an integrated BSc and MSc in Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds mainly covering applied maths and physics including data modelling, fluid dynamics and physics of biological systems. I am interested in the practical applications of mathematical modelling and machine learning techniques, particularly in biological and environmental science contexts. My third-year project was about the statistical modelling of epidemics which involved programming in R. Between my third and fourth year I did a three-month data science internship in the civil service working with survey data using natural language processing. In my fourth year I focused on data science and statistics completing a dissertation on the usage of artificial neural networks for image recognition where I created a neural network from scratch using Python.

Sophie Wilkinson

Ecology and Biodiversity

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: Environmental data science: a new machine learning approach to study the influence of climate change on extreme weather events

The project is about using machine learning techniques to make improvements to existing climate models to compare different future climate scenarios and their effect on extreme weather events as well as the possible effects this could have on human health and ecology.


  • My PhD is funded by a UEA Faculty of Science studentship.

Further Information

I worked as a student ambassador during my undergraduate degree which involved presenting my project work at open days.