Joe Guest

Joe Guest


My research interests focus on the use of global ocean biogeochemistry models and macro-ecological data to understand the interactions between ecosystems and ecological drivers, such as climate change. I am interested in understanding the functional contributions of taxa and their interactions with both their communities and the environment.

My M.Sc. dissertation focused on assessing the effectiveness of protected areas in conserving neotropical avian ecological functional traits.

Joe Guest

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: Modelling impacts of climate change on ocean ecosystems this century.

My PhD project aims to look at climate change and variability through the lens of ocean ecosystems.

Primary supervisor: Professor Corinne Le Quere FRS CBE (Royal Society Professor)

By running multiple future projections up to 2100, of the ecosystem response under a changing climate, my project will help assess the impact of different climate change scenarios on plankton communities. I am also looking to assess the extent to which current models represent emergent ecosystem properties.

My work will use and contribute to the development of a cutting-edge model of ocean biogeochemical cycles, combining for the first time a high-resolution ocean physical component with a high-complexity representation of marine ecosystems.


  • Studentship Funded by Royal Society
    • ARIES Associated Student