Chidi Igwenagu

Chidi Igwenagu


My research interests are largely multidisciplinary and span across critical environmental science related themes; hydrology, drought and flood risk, groundwater vulnerability to contamination/pollution, environmental and waste management amongst others. I am also a firm advocate for the UN SDG’s 3, 6, and 11 in Sub Saharan Africa. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), Nigeria with a first-class honours, and an MSc. in Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the University of Southampton where I achieved a distinction. My master’s thesis was titled: Flood Risk and Groundwater Contamination: A Spatio-temporal Assessment of Nigeria from 2015 – 2021. It was a development impact targeted research sponsored by the UK DFID Commonwealth Shared Scholarships to inform national preparedness; advise development strategies and sustainable policies in the management of groundwater resources to prevent contamination due to flooding in the country. Essentially, It sought to establish a link between flood occurrence, groundwater contamination and the spread of water-borne diseases. To achieve this, I examined the exposure and vulnerability of the country’s groundwater resources to contamination due to extreme flooding events; likewise, I reviewed the exposure and vulnerability of the country’s significant population including children less than five years old who had constituted the mortality majority across the country due to the menace.

Chidi Igwenagu

PhD title: "Assessing impacts on water quality in future British rivers due to environmental changes"

The percentage of surface water bodies achieving ‘good’ ecological status in the UK has stagnated at 35% over the past decade. Climate and land-use changes have put further stresses on water quality. The research aims to robustly assess the impacts of these changes on both water quantity and water quality for sustainable management.

Awards and prizes

Scholarship Nomination CSC Masters Award at the University of Southampton, UK

Other information

Regional Coordinator South-east England Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) Scholars September 2020 – 2021

Delegate of the CSC at Women of the Future Conference November 2020/2021