Rhicert Reynolds

Rhicert Reynolds


Research palaeontologist with experience in North American (Rocky Mountain and Sierra Nevada) geological formations, with a focus on analysing palaeontological samples.

Completed a Master of Research degree with a thesis entitled ‘A New Phosphatocopid Crustacean (Arthropoda: Phosphatocopida) with Preserved Soft Anatomy, from the Late Cambrian (Furongian, Stage 10) of the USA with Remarks on Cambrian Evolution’. This work was extended post-Masters to include the palaeoenvironment and remarks on adaptions in changing marine conditions, plus macro evolutionary trends in Cambrian and Ordovician Arthropods.

Also completed a Master of Science degree with a thesis entitled ‘Modelling Uncertainty within an Organic System’ using the principles of chaos theory and Bayesian statistics.

Research interests lie within geochemical palaeontology and addressing questions concerning palaeoecosytems and palaeoclimate using isotope geochemistry.

Research Interests

Isotope Geochemistry

Mesozoic Ecosystems

Palaeoclimate Trends

North American Palaeontology

PhD title: "How hot was the Jurassic greenhouse climate?"

Investigating geological and paleo-biogenic carbonate samples taken from key sites within the Sundance Formation (Mid Jurassic) [USA and Canada] using stable and clumped isotopes to reconstruct temperature and carbon cycling. Accurately reconstructing palaeoclimate from epicontinental seas plays an important role how these unique ecosystems will affect future climate change.