Dong Jian

Dong Jian


I was born and been lived in a small town of central China before entering college. I decided to pursue oceanography and spent four years studying the fundamental parts of marine science. During this time, I also interned in Rome, Italy for three months. When the pandemic started, I relocated to Hamburg, Germany, where I obtained a master’s degree in Ocean and Climate Physics. I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which was the highlight of my life. After graduation, I continued a six-month internship in Saudi Arabia, where I have been investigating the Red Sea circulation using the inverse method.  Despite the challenges faced in scientific research, I am currently pursuing the PhD at UEA, United Kingdom.

I am fascinated by the eternal ocean circulation and its impacts on our climate. I use ocean model to simulate and analyze ocean circulation but feel very humble to understand its mechanisms, variability, and interaction with other systems.

Besides, I am into philosophy, politics, and literature (a jack of trades and master of none) and now trying to grab a bit Spanish.

Dong Jian

PhD title: "The impact of Arctic ice retreats on Atlantic Meridional Ocean Circulation"

The project involves designing and conducting a series of numerical experiments using an eddy-permitting global coupled ocean-ice model as well as analysing available observational data.

The Arctic Sea ice is expected to decline in the future, while its impacts on ocean circulation is not well investigated. Will it weaken the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation? By conducting sensitivity experiments using a fully coupled model, we may be able to elucidate the missing parts between the Arctic sea ice and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

Besides, the same model could also be used to investigate the impact of stochastic mesoscale atmospheric forcing on the global ocean, following our previous work.