Mollie Allerton

Mollie Allerton


At undergraduate I studied Ocean sciences with Chemistry. My BSc dissertation was an investigation into the potential for using arsenic concentrations as an indicator for phosphate limitation in the ocean. I was awarded a student research grant and I continued research into methods for arsenic analysis, using electrochemistry to determine levels of arsenic in groundwater.

I then studied an MSc in Marine Planning and Management, learning about marine policy, and how environmental impacts can be most effectively managed. My MSc dissertation was titled ‘Ecology Vs. Economy. Is there balance between marine conservation and economic exploitation of marine space in marine spatial planning?’, I compared plans in America and Europe to see if there was an identifiable difference in how marine space is managed.

Mollie Allerton

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: ‘Systems off-balance? Exploring the cumulative impacts of enriched coastal waters, altered nutrient ratios and a warming climate on coastal phytoplankton communities’

My project aims to investigate the effects that changing nitrogen: phosphate ratios, as a result of
coastal eutrophication, are having on phytoplankton, and how climate change also impacts on this.
I will be using existing data to look for trends within UK waters, collecting and analysing data from
the North Sea, and modelling the effects under different climate scenarios.
From this research I will recommend policy and practice changes to the Centre for Environment,
Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science, Marine Scotland, and the Environment Agency.


  • Murray Foundation student research grant