Daisy Pickup

Daisy Pickup


Prior to beginning a PhD at University of East Anglia I obtained a Distinction in MRes Ocean Science and a First Class Honours in BSc Oceanography, both at the University of Southampton. My interests lie in marine biogeochemistry, in particular on processes that affect carbon dioxide concentrations in seawater.

Daisy Pickup

PhD title: Upper Ocean pH Gradients in Antarctic Polynyas.

My research aims to address three questions:

  • What determines the gradients in pH over the top few metres of the polar ocean?
  • What are the implications of these gradients for the air-sea fluxes of carbon dioxide?
  • How does pH vary spatially and temporally in polynyas on the Antarctic continental shelf?

This region is particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic inputs and changes in pH, therefore, this study provides an opportunity to further understand the drivers of pH gradients and therefore gain an understanding of the future of the Southern Ocean. We hope to collect data using sensors attached to autonomous vehicles, such as sea gliders.

The Southern Ocean has an important role in the context of the global ocean; therefore, it is vital that changes are monitored and understood.

Awards and Prizes

Deans List Award for Academic Excellence (2020) – University of Southampton