Amelia Bond

Amelia Bond


I recently completed an integrated master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Oxford (MChem, 1st class). My main research interest is atmospheric chemistry having taken this option at university and completed a summer project studying atmospheric aerosol at the University of Reading. I am particularly interested in how atmospheric composition varies in polar environments compared to the rest of the world.

For my final year research project at university I used cavity ring-down spectroscopy. Though I was using it to study low pressure oxygen plasma for semiconductor manufacturing, this highly sensitive spectroscopy technique is also valuable for atmospheric chemistry as it is used to study species at very low concentrations.

Amelia Bond

Atmospheric and Climate Science

British Antarctic Survey

PhD title: Unravelling the mysteries of air quality above polar snow and ice using the isotopic fingerprints of reactive nitrogen.

My PhD project is in atmospheric chemistry and focuses on reactive nitrogen species (HONO, NOx, HNO3 and NO3-) in polar environments. The specific aims are to measure HONO concentrations using a LOPAP instrument and identify the key formation and loss processes of these nitrogen species using isotopic techniques. This will enable a better understanding of the link between HONO and NOx, as well as their conversion to HNO3 and NO3-. I will be working at both the British Antarctic Survey and UEA.

The results will be put into atmospheric models as these reactive nitrogen species are crucial to understanding the concentrations of other atmospheric constituents: the NOx and HONO species impact hydroxyl radical and ozone levels. Ozone is a pollutant gas and OH is responsible for the removal of many other atmospheric pollutants. This work will contribute to global chemistry-climate models and will also help assess human contribution to environmental change.


Lois Vernon Chemistry Prize (Practical work) 2019

Scholarship awarded for first year exams