Quianyu Zha

Quianyu Zha


I have a background in GIS and physical geography. My study focuses on climate change and water resources. Predicting and forecasting of water resources variables in the future, by inputting projected meteorological data including temperature and precipitation into hydrological model.

I was mainly responsible for data processing and running Soil and Water Integrated Model (SWIM) and HBV Model in our research group. In the meantime, I wrote an automatic calibration program for SWIM in C++ programming language.

My Master’s thesis is a study on changes of runoff and characteristics of drought and flood under global warming of 1.5°C and 2.0°C in upper reaches of the Huaihe River basin. I combined the SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index) with SRI (Standardized Runoff Index) to comprehensively consider both meteorological and hydrological drought and flood risks in the future.

Quianyu Zha

Geosciences, Resources and Environmental Risk

University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

PhD title: Assessing flooding risks in China under climate change using a regionalised hydrological model

Since the algorithm structure of the automatic calibration program that I wrote before is relatively simple, and the parameter effect and model applicability are judged only depending on the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency, which cannot synthetically take the practical geography, environment characteristics and anthropogenic effects of river basins into account.

I need to learn more about SWIM, including formula of different modules, algorithm principle, etc. And then improving the algorithm of searching the optimal parameter set and add module of parameter sensitivity analysis. After that, applying it to different catchments to analyse its performance, simulating the runoff of catchment and evaluating the flooding risks in China under climate change.


    Study on runoff under global warming of 1.5°C and 2.0°C in main stream of upper reaches of the Huaihe River (in Chinese) ZHA Qian-Yu; GAO Chao; YANG Ru; LIU Yue; RUAN Tian; LI Peng (2018) CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH, 14(6):583-592. DOI: 10.12006/j.issn.16731719.2018.067

    Effects on runoff above the Cuntan station area in the Yangtze River basin under the 1.5°C and 2.0°C global warming (in Chinese) RUAN Tian; ZHA Qian-Yu; YANG Ru; GAO Chao (2019) Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin 28(2):407-415. DOI: 10.11870/cjlyzyyhj201902017

Further Information

In 2016, I took part in a project Remote Sensing Interpretation for “The Belt and Road” and worked with the staffs from Geological Survey of Anhui Province (Anhui Institute of Geological Sciences). I successfully completed a part of interpretation work of Tadzhikistan and achieved an excellent interpretation effect.