Harry Whitlam

Harry Whitlam


I’ve been especially passionate about real-world applications of machine learning and the research that makes these discoveries possible since beginning in academia. I’ve majored in Computer Science for the past few years, graduating with a First Class in BSc (Hons) Computer Science and an MSc in Advanced Computer Science; both at the University of East Anglia. This has given me the opportunity to undertake interdisciplinary data science projects. These include Detecting Whales from Audio and for my MSc Thesis ‘Investigating the Disease Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis’. The challenge of both projects instilled a keen interest for the various ways these techniques can be applied, and this led to applications within geophysics.

Harry Whitlam

Title: "Distributed Sensing as a New Tool for Monitoring Coastal Cliff Instability"

My PhD project, ‘Distributed Sensing as a New Tool for Monitoring Coastal Cliff Instability’, focuses on identifying trends and patterns in coastal erosion processes to further understand the continuous regression of the coastline. Cliff failure can cause several difficulties and so, while it is a natural process which cannot be stopped, research to understand what catalyses and characterises the events could be extremely beneficial for both forecasting and prevention. The involvement of Distributed Sensing allows us to use fibre optic cables as continuous sensors, gathering a wealth of data across an extended distance and period for analysis.

This multidisciplinary project provides ample opportunity for discovery, utilising an emerging technology to investigate a problem which is occurring worldwide. It is our hope that this project can facilitate further research in many locations where coastal erosion and cliff collapse is a significant occurrence.

Other information

I worked as an Associate Tutor at UEA throughout my master’s year, which helped reinforce both my knowledge and my ability to share it in a suitable manner.