Eligibility and applications

Eligibility and applications


ARIES studentships are funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), which applies the eligibility criteria laid down by its parent body, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). These are outlined in their Terms and Conditions of Training Grants document, and given in more detail in their Training Grant Guide (Annex 1), both of which can be found on the UKRI website.

In general, UK and EU nationals who will have been resident in the UK for three years or more at the time when their PhD begins will be eligible for a full ARIES studentship. UK and EU nationals who have been resident outside the UK but within the EU during the qualifying period will usually be eligible for a ‘fees only’ studentship, which pays research costs and tuition fees but gives no help with living expenses.

In case of uncertainty, the planned university of registration should be contacted for eligibility advice; or the ARIES administrators: aries.dtp@uea.ac.uk.

The ARIES application process

ARIES operates a two-stage application process, in which first, supervisors select their preferred candidate for their studentship project; and second, these candidates are assessed by the ARIES DTP interview panels.


Eligible candidates may apply for up to three ARIES studentship projects each year. Applications should be made to the university of registration of the project applied for; only formal applications will ultimately be considered for funding, although we do encourage potential applicants to make contact with supervisors before applying, and some of our partners require this – so applicants should be sure to check the requirements of the relevant university. This requirement may apply to non-university partners, too. A conversation with prospective supervisors before applying is in any case recommended, so that applicants can get a good feel for the project and what it will involve.

Applications will need to be supported by:

A full CV

A statement that gives (for example) details of the candidate’s interest in the studentship project, and any skills etc they can bring to it

Electronic copies of certificate(s) and transcript(s) for all relevant qualifications (degrees etc)

Two references, of which at least one must be an academic reference.

The application deadline is 23:59 on 8 January 2019.


Following the application deadline, supervisors will nominate one candidate for their studentship project for interview by the ARIES interview panels.


All nominated candidates will be invited to interview by the ARIES panels. Interviews will take place on 26 and 27 February 2019, at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Help with paying expenses associated with attending the interview will be available. Interview panels will be composed of several staff members from across the ARIES partnership; there will be opportunities on the day to meet current DTP students and the DTP Director.

Studentship offers

The ARIES Studentship Panel will meet shortly after the interviews to agree a ranked list of candidates for funding. Studentship offers will be made as soon as possible after this meeting.

Equality and diversity

The ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership is committed to equality, diversity, widening participation and inclusion in its work with students, supervisors and partners; and in its interaction with the research community and beyond. Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be provided with equal opportunities to flourish and succeed in an environment which enables them to do so. (UKRI)

The ARIES Equality, Diversity, Widening Participation, and Inclusion Policy is embedded in everything we do, including our recruitment processes.